Sunday, December 13, 2009

For a friend

It's all how you look at it.

Time and space are the independent variables.
Matter and energy are the dependent variables.
Space/time tells matter/energy how to look.
Matter/energy tells space/time how to act.

Humans are animals.
Like all animals they can be seen as actors in activity spaces.
Activity space is made of information space and physical space.
For humans, their information space is also their cognitive space.

The stories in their cog space creates meaning.
Stuff happens in physical space.
Humans "explain" the stuff with the stories in their cog space.
But stuff happens independent of the stories they create.

Sometimes the stories predict future stuff happening.
Sometimes the stories don't predict stuff happening.
Humans are scared of stuff that is going to happen.
That's because there is always the danger of being killed by stuff.

Humans know they are going to die.
That makes them always afraid.
Usually they don't think about it.
That's called denial.

They keep their cog space busy, busy, busy so they don't think about it.
They make art so they don't think about it.
They fall in love so they don't think about it.
They create dynasties so they they don't think about it.

Meanwhile, physical space goes on and on . . . until it doesn't.
The head brain talks to the gut brain talks to the head brain.
Humans eat, sleep, fornicate, and play.
Eating, sleeping, fornicating and playing don't need stories.

Meanwhile cognitive space is always buzzing.
Mostly it's buzzing with input and output to physical space.
But it also buzzes with words, sounds and pictures.
Humans have language so the buzzing presents as thinking.

Time and space are the independent variables.
Manic depression is the word for moving too fast or too slow.
When they move too fast, they can bump into things.
When they move too slow, they don't eat, sleep, play or fornicate.

They can move too fast in cognitive space.
They can move too fast in physical space.
They can move too slow in cognitive space.
They can move too slow in physical space.

How fast is too fast?
How slow is too slow?
It depends on their activity space.
"Different strokes, for different folks."

Humans are happy when they feel they have power.
Power means predicting future stuff.
It makes them forget that they are going to die.
But they are going to die.


  1. You are right but since we agree that most shrinks are useless, could we create a visual story to confort those living in that world?

  2. I don't think shrinks are useless, just a trapped by the pride of their expertise...

    Check out the videos at the end of the post on Manic Depression and Communication Ecology

  3. hey that was really nice, I was looking for something like this..I will defintely tweet about
    this wonderful blog..thanks for the post.

  4. This is brilliant! Simply brilliant! The question is what might we do about it? At times I think survival seems to be the only point. Any thing else is poetry of life that either denies or accept reality. We fight with it every moment forgetting that we must die. All the pomp and splendor come to naught from where it all arose.

  5. shepherded compartmentalization
    is learned closing of doors
    in the rooms of the mind
    worst when also taught to fear the insides.

    In reference to a nemetics post by DibbyDe ..

    I hope the princess in the village of blue and green hills will have the time to find Aladdin, now that she can see.

    Alas, science has set us largely free of god fear, and onto the greater fear of mindless humans and nature inconsquential.

  6. Time and space are [somewhat dependant .. but still negligible] independent variables.

    1. Perhaps I read wrong as space/time is a relation...
      I am feeling it out ... I am no advanced mathematician ...
      1 + 2 + 4 .... few funky formulas ... very interesting Michael.