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Word to our readers
                                                                       Dear our readers
It is with sincerely hope of the editorial team from Malawi Printer net Project that you enjoy our stories, news, activities and services related to this 2019 August Newsletter.
Our team has been working tirelessly to serve and meet the needs and criteria of micro project that are doable focused on project design, coordination, capacity building and advocacy. Malawi Printer net project is a project under TIYEPAD NETWORK investment and the overall goal of this Newsletter is to reach villagers from various communities with news/articles and activities/projects involved in their respective villages, nations or elsewhere and ensure they are able to realize and interpret their rights, potential and express their views, make decision for sustainability. The Newsletter introduced after working over 9 years of existence.
Lastly, let me thank all support rendered to this Newsletter.
Wishing all the best as you take your time reading this Newsletter. 

In May 2019, TIYEPAD NETWORK introduced entrepreneurship project for the economically empowerment of women. Here is the overview of the program:
Do you know that we can equip young women to become solution creators in their own families, communities, regions and countries with small scale business with small amount? 
PROJECT MISSION STATEMENT: To improve the lives of community women into socio-economic development community by community.
PROJECT GOAL/PURPOSE: Community women to become self dependant and reliant through small scale business and equip them to become solution creators in their own families, communities, regions and countries.
Social transfers in form of unconditional and conditional cash transfers.
Income Generating Activities (IGAs)
Micro finance
Legal and human rights
Ending child marriages
Ending gender based violence which negatively affect women and children
Building the capacity of coordinating, implementing and monitoring.
Increase comprehensive knowledge on issues related to SRHR and HIV/AIDS Impact Mitigation.
Advocacy on community women participation to realize their full potential and be able to play big role in development of the communities.
Safemotherhood activities in reduction to maternal and infants rate.
Do you want to be part of our project or willing to join us in the facilitation process or feed up with much information? Contact us on thuchilayouth@gmail.com . Community volunteers are needed whatsapp to +265882035971
Helping women build better lives and more durable and sustainable futures, community by community is the way to overcome today’s challenges while building for tomorrow! 

Here pictures are some of the women who requested for small amount of money to start their small scale business.
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\PICTURES\PHONE & CAMERA\Macheso\All women group.JPG
In August 2019 out of 20 women requested 3 women got their small investment funds to start small business.
Here are some of the women who got the money and bought their small business so that they can able to earn some living.
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\New folder\20190817_075248.jpg C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\Yvonne Roberts Assignments\3 Martha Biziweck\3 Martha Biziweck.JPG

Her story: Martha is un employed young women saved by her old grandmother after her parents died on the road accident. She wants to start the small scale business at to become economically independent and able to support her entire family. Martha’s family has small piece of land to plant crops which resulted into food insecurity every year accelerating poverty at their home. She said with the capital investment I will be able to bake foods using baking flour, sugar, east, cooking oil e.t.c whereby I will be selling them at nearby trading centre and I will manage to generate some funds to help my poor family to eradicate poverty.
One of the witnesses in picture
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\New folder\20190817_071243.jpg
Back to school and keep girls in class project
One of the successful stories of our Back to School project
While we are looking for new project/programs, it is also very important to progress update the positive/negative impact results of the previous project. Stella, Francis and Eliza are some of the examples whom have been school sponsored from the TIYEPAD Foundation project investment earnings. Francis and Stellah graduated their secondary school this year, while Eliza is now in form 2 at Gawani Girls Boarding Secondary School. As earlier on posted about Francis on his graduation ceremony, he said, “Both of parents dead, I had nobody to pay for my school studies and when this project overcrowds me, I was so happy and blessed till now am finishing secondary school. It is my sincerely honor to thank the project organizers for the opportunity given to me” he said. As organization of TIYEPAD NETWORK we come to thank God as long with OUR International Partners for this wonderful project which has come with tremendous fruits to the needy. See Stella and Eliza in their beautiful uniforms. In additional to the project we also supply rewashable sanitary pads to over 20 girls at Thuchila Community Day Secondary School.

This project is connected to just upcoming of SDG4 Digest out of SDG 17 which aligned with quality education and support for lifelong learning. Investing in quality education, with a focus on equal opportunity and completion of secondary and tertiary schooling, especially for girls, is a protective determinant, strongly associated with socio-economic and the weapon to fight against poverty, hunger and ignorance. The main objectives of the project are no child fails to attain secondary school because of poverty, high enrollment rate in primary schools, 100% of orphans attain or access quality basic education, more girls selected to secondary schools, 50% women in recognized jobs, high number of employed people in the communities, communities become economically empowered, good participation in developmental projects, reduction in number of maternal and infants mortality rates  and teachers creating conducive universal learning environment projects.  

C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\ABUSA M VS ELIZA CHURCH\IMG-20190813-WA0003.jpg C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\ABUSA M VS ELIZA CHURCH\100_2299.JPG

Fewer girls than boys attain formal educational qualifications in Malawi (see accompanying graph); half of the girls drop out of school at primary school level and every few reach secondary education mainly due to child marriages and teen pregnancy.
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\New folder\GENET 2.jpgWith support from Girls Empowernment Network. 
See the graphs below:
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\New folder\20190908_081924.jpg
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\New folder\20190908_083918.jpg

Evace Ngozo, one of TIYEPAD NETWORK distributing different items including school facilities, knickers and sanitary pads to girl and boys at Thuchila Community Day Secondary School under Back to School and Keep Girls in School project.
Join our Project by sponsoring a girl or give a girl sanitary pads or school facilities.

Introduction of WWC1 Project (WorldWide Communication).
Do you know that many individuals, organizations and communities with vision are being sidelined and oppressed? Do you want to be part of WWC1 partners and members? Then join this upcoming project:
We introduced Information, Coordination, Intercommunication and Networking project called “World Wide Communication-WWC1”, the aim is to inform people, communicate them via social media and community outreach as well as networking equal projects worldwide to help unprivileged individuals, small/community organizations to communicate, interact and link up with developmental providers both local and international. Thuchila Youth Empowerment Programme and Development Network (TIYEPAD NETWORK) it’s mandated to be a network/council/umbrella of different individuals and organizations working towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 17). Being non-profit empowerment program, we received much requests from small groups of organizations on issues related to funding and resources opportunities to be adhered to them. In response, the management has introduced World Wide Communication (WWC1 Project) to remain a bridge a gap for those in need and realizes their full potential to inspire the world by playing big role in socio-economic development. The project will invite network of individuals and socio-economic organizations worldwide into one group to share their experiences, projects, opportunities and terms and conditions for the funding opportunities to small and or unfunded individuals and organizations. The launch of the project will be in Early September but if you want to know more about the project, don’t hesitate to contact us on thuchilayouth@gmail.com or Whatssapp to +265882035971. As usual, monthly newsletter will be published and circulated to every member on 15th Day of every month for the progress of the project. Our collaborative efforts are improving health and nutrition, expanding access to education, strengthening natural resource management and combat the effects of climate change; enhancing economic well-being and ensuring communities are governed more inclusively. Helping people build better lives and more durable futures, community by communities through new technologies and systems and equip individuals, organizations and communities to become solution creators in their own families, communities, regions and countries. More folks needed!!!!

Remembering our old office
It is now a year without proper office for TIYEPAD NETWORK in Mulanje District since the second destruction of the office due heavy storm occurred in Malawi. The communication work has been difficult to meet all office duty requirements. In respond to this cause, TIYEPAD NETWORK with support from international partner created crowdsourcing campaign with an aim to lobby and pledge support from well wishers. Although some other concerned folks come up with their support in form likes, sharing and donation, the campaign doesn’t work and meet the expected results. Greg, UK friend was a witness of our second destructed office building while he visited to Malawi last year. There is needed of new building, we have some bricks and some iron sheets for the construction of the building. Thanks to those who are supporting. You are not too late; if you are concerned don’t hesitate to contact us on thuchilayouth@gmail.com! May God bless if you like, share this post and or support of any kind.
GO Thuchila Youth!! GO Malawi!! Picture below shows the office since blown away its roof.
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\PICTURES\Michael\21731201_765327343639837_2476338008960027811_n.jpgOur old office, all properties were destroyed.

Activities in pictures
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\PICTURES\Michael\100_1983.JPG C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\PICTURES\Michael\16708346_654681131371126_2246971767754670175_n.jpgn
One of our beneficiaries reading one of our newsletter and Ruth, TIYEPAD NETWORK Girl Child Education Coordinator handing over school facilities to one our beneficiaries.
Jonas Fadweck, Executive Director of Thuchila Youth Empowerment Programme and Development Network (TIYEPAD NETWORK) attended one of partners consultation workshop help in Capital City Lilongwe, Malawi at Crossroads Hotel to review the international partnership programs.
C:\Users\DESIRE\Desktop\ABUSA M VS ELIZA CHURCH\IMG-20190810-WA0021.jpg
Jonas Fadweck, Director of TIYEPAD NETWORK donated a ball to kids from Centre for Development of Orphans and Vulnerable Children after received a request of soccer materials.
Vote of Thanks
The management, staffs and editorial team TIYEPAD NETWORK would like to thank for all support rendered to all activities of TIYEPAD NETWORK as well as publication of this Newsletter. International and local partners has done recommendable work to ensure that our small community organization is surviving with an aim to reach many communities and we promised to work extra hard to ensure that your donations and support have reached intended beneficiaries for without your support and encouragement we could not reach this stage especially empowering communities. However, due to other challenges in terms of financial and technological stable, we are unable to publish regular monthly Newsletter. In this regard, the management is requesting for support from well wishers to help us to fulfill our vision and your support shall not be taken for granted.
Our address
Thuchila Youth Empowerment Programme and Development Network (TIYEPAD NETWORK)
P.O.BOX 17
Phones: +265882035971/+265998480555
This Newsletter has been published with support from Printernet Foundation. You can request your copy by contacting us via above details.

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NJournal notes 22.0 Course Outline for Mastering Complexity

How do you see the world? 

Choose A, B, C, D,  or E.


Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License.from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Guru_Mindmap.jpg 






Please read the  Winning Anywhere - The Power of 'See': The N-E-M-E Way February 21, 2014 by Dibyendu De . You can find it at Amazon or read it for free at Google books. Search on 'Winning Everywhere the Power of See.

Read easily from beginning to end without worrying about understanding the meaning of every chapter.  An important part of this course is to learn and practice how to do a slow read.  Following are two links so you can get a feeling of one transmedia approach to practice a Slow Read. http://niask.pbworks.com/w/page/107390304/Towards%20a%20Pedagogy%20for%20Everyone  and 

It is important as it goes to the first part of the mantra. Notice from no mind with no preconceptions and no stress. The full mantra is Notice. Engage. Mull.  Exchange. We will go deeper into the power of the mantra as the course continues.
If you think it would be helpful to have a conversation during your fast read, your instructors are ready and would be grateful for any conversation. You can be engage us on twitter,  facebook or G+. 

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NJournal Notes 22: Boundaries and Whorls

Figure 1 One frequency

Figure 2 Two close frequencies

Add Figure 3: Addition of boundary 
Figure 4.

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Njournal Notes 21. Boundaries

Figure 1  Time 1

Figure 2  Time + x

Figure 3 Add boundary Time 1

Figure 4 Add boundary  Ti + x