Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Edge Conditions

Innovation happens at the edges between two or more activity spaces.
Communication happens in physical space and information space.
Information manifests in the physical space in Print or on the Screen.
When it moves to the internet cloud, info is sliced and diced.

Once sliced and diced it can recombine to create new information.
The new information is re inserted into physical space.
Once back in physical space, information affects behavior.
Real life happens in physical space.

The following were picked from the Cloud as of December 9, 2008
Cell phone is barcode scanner by Motorola
"One of the long awaited success products is integrating the cell phone with a fully functional barcode scanner and Motorola did it with the Symbol MC70 and has integrated it with other models.”

iPhone hears music
Shazam, that wonderful program for iPhone that allows us to point the phone at a sound and await identification.

Multi Function Printer sits between the Cloud and Print
The full range of ACDI devices, including stored value card and currency systems, card dispenser and encoders, credit card terminals, online card systems and document output tracking solutions, are made available through the partnership.
Google Maps track disease
This is cool: Google has set up a page with a map to track search requests for terms like "flu" and "flu symptoms" around the country (using IP address data to provide a geographic fix). Voila: A map that should show very quickly how this winter's flu viruses spread from state to state.
Speech to text translation coming of age
Online video has made major strides in 2008, largely thanks to universal search. Speech-to-text translation, mobile video, and full movie/TV shows on YouTube are just getting started.
Physical space in Baghdad to the McClatchey Cloud
As usual, the work day ended and it is sunset and I am heading back from Baghdad to Fallujah.
I was in a taxi with two other passengers, and we had to wait for one more. The other two men were not going to Fallujah, but to villages along the way. One of them looked upset. I asked him, Are you ok? He answered with tears, "I want this car to start moving. I want to receive the dead bodies of my two brothers.

Printer organizes the Cloud and back to Print
ChromaGraphics is a commercial printer that has expanded into the rapidly growing market for electronic document retrieval, distribution and on-demand printing with the acquisition of a Santa Rosa company last month. They are a 24-employee company with $4.5 million in revenue last year

Picking up AOL Cloud storage accounts
ElephantDrive Inc. has announced a free and automated file transfer from AOL’s Xdrive to ElephantDrive. The offering is designed to make it easy for users of the Xdrive service to migrate to ElephantDrive before their existing accounts are closed. In the first week of availability of the automated transfer tool, ElephantDrive has delivered over one million files from Xdrive to new ElephantDrive accounts.
Bar Code scanners are one pathway between Print and the Cloud
Did you know there are more then 20 different brands of bar code scanners? The Metrologic bar code scanners are one of these brands. Many of these scanners come from over seas and are sold as cheap barcode scanners with little company backing behind them, but this is not the case with Metrologic.
Writing in physical space, up to the Cloud, back down to Print
The students participated in the third annual Océ Future Authors Project summer writing workshop, where they compiled poetry, short stories and essays into a book they named, “Confessions of a Teenage Author.” The book was published and digitally printed by the program’s sponsor, Boca Raton-based Océ North America Production Printing Systems Division, a leading provider of digital document management and delivery solutions. http://www.graphicartsonline.com/article/CA6620021.html?nid=3827
German Post Office and personal newspapers
December 4, 2008 – D. Kulenovic) The new web-to-print portal run by the German Post Office, www.titelhelden.de, has been online since October 6. The portal, developed by People Interactive GmbH, a Cologne-based agency, places particular emphasis on usability. The new online service from the Deutsche Post (the German Post Office) permits anyone to create their own newspapers for various occasions. Layout, printing, and delivery are all handled by the Deutsche Post. The portal integrates all these processes.
RFID, another path between Print and the Cloud
Source: UPM, 2008-Dec-04 Japanese publisher Shogakukan Inc. has implemented RFID technology in its operations to substantially reduce the return ratio of unsold books. A reduction in waste volumes was also critical.
Don't waste time on convincing people. Focus on the ones already convinced. CRM in politics.
Seth Godin has written a fabulous piece about the Obama presidential campaign and the marketing lessons we can learn from it. I believe the lessons learned provide great insight into how we can dramatically influence the educational process and how students learn as well.
QR Codes: another path between Print and the Cloud
John Carnell, founder and CEO of Harrogate-based Bullying UK said: "We are proud to be recognised by TalkTalk as one of the UK's most innovative charities. Eighteen months ago we identified QR codes as being key to the uptake of the mobile web and the filling in of another bit of the digital divide. Even if people are in a rush they can snap the code from the poster with their phone and get immediate help from our mobile website."