Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nemetics is just a code...

Nemetics was invented to be able to have intelligent conversations about complexity within the constraints of twitter. Based on conversations over the last two years or so it has proven it's value.  As a by product of this original intention, it seems that nemetic code can translate insights from any complex system to inform action in any other complex system.

To be clear, nemetics does not pretend to be a "new" idea. Merely a way to communicate between the silos of science and art.  Following is a nice example of the power of design. Below is how the insights earned can be captured in "jargon" to be able to apply to other complex systems.

Step one is to watch this video

A neme is an acronym of Notice. Engage. Mull. Exchange. The contention is N.E.M.E. can capture the mechanisms of learning both for an individual and for an organization or community.

Neme Exchange indicates the exchange of information or objects.  Markets consisting of exchange of products or services for time or money are said to be platforms for Neme Exchanges.

All exchanges happen within constraints. Formal markets move within Explicit Rules - laws. But every nEx ( neme exchange ) occurs within constraints.  Some constraints are authentic. Many constraints are bullshit - in the sense of having outlived their usefullness.

The underlying principal is that complexity has a tendency to move to Free Neme Exchange within Authentic Constraints. 

The situation described in the video is there exists a paradox between the food wasted and the need for food by children in the street. Among some this is a real problem that needs to and can be solved.  The materials are in place. Hunger children. Excess food. One part of the problem is to make it easy to do the logistics of getting the right food to the right place at the right time.

The function of the sticker is to eliminate the wasted time in sorting the food.  It cuts through the constraint of asking people to give time which must be devoted to the work of running a food establishment. Simply putting on the sticker makes it fast and easy. It has radically changed the Time constraint so that food to children ( a neme exchange ) can move with less friction.