Monday, August 23, 2010

#ebdish Notice. Focus. Mull. Engage. Learning and Teaching

The teacher needs to base teaching on how she believes learning occurs.

I guess where I'm trying to get to is evidence based knowing instead of believing. That's what "ebdish" is all about for me.

From educational research side I'm quite impressed with . The problem is to put it into practical language.

I'm hoping that segmenting the process into four stages Notice. Focus. Mull. Engage. will help. My hope is that it also works for teaching.

What I think I've seen is that
Notice and Mull are often given short shrift. in the rush to "Engage" and the emphasis on Focus.

Teachers typically go into the first day of class Focused on their plans. Engaged in implementing those plans. Without taking the time to Notice.

"Noticing" the particular kids in one's particular class on the particular day is a critical first step to getting it work.

"Mulling" about what you've "Noticed" should allow one to "Engage" based on the emerging facts about your particular students.

Notice-> Mull-> Notice->Mull loop points to the need to get real data points on the "here" of each student to get them to "there".

The critical nature of projects and behavior is it allows students to Notice what they do. Mull about what they do is Mindful Practice

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some #edbish Tweets August 20

openworld Acute insights on #emotionaldesign Thx @trevvg (via @boxesandarrows @frogdesign @matttrichards) #lumenes #ebdish
@openworld "Emotions employed by the mind" "education allows us to judge" Sounds like Descartes so far. #ebdish "Emotions act as triggers that start mental processes" #ebdish Fuzzy. ECwaves that result in exchange mo precise. "the heart rate increases with anxiety and fear" #ebdish "fear" is the Cspace name for High Frequency ECPwaves. kinesthetic feedback from the body effects on subsequent cognitive .. #ebdish Pwaves entangle ECwaves. "emotional response is the internal representation of the experience" Descartes again. It's ECP not just Cog #ebdish

@openworld "effect of emotions on… the processing of information" #ebdish focused on #NF exchange to measure behavior. "cognition is concerned with facts." #ebdish More Descartes. "Cognition" is focus created by harmonic ECPwaves. "emotional affect is…“the general term for the judgmental system" #ebdish Nope. It's a habitual feedback loop.