Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some #edbish Tweets August 20

openworld Acute insights on #emotionaldesign Thx @trevvg (via @boxesandarrows @frogdesign @matttrichards) #lumenes #ebdish
@openworld "Emotions employed by the mind" "education allows us to judge" Sounds like Descartes so far. #ebdish "Emotions act as triggers that start mental processes" #ebdish Fuzzy. ECwaves that result in exchange mo precise. "the heart rate increases with anxiety and fear" #ebdish "fear" is the Cspace name for High Frequency ECPwaves. kinesthetic feedback from the body effects on subsequent cognitive .. #ebdish Pwaves entangle ECwaves. "emotional response is the internal representation of the experience" Descartes again. It's ECP not just Cog #ebdish

@openworld "effect of emotions on… the processing of information" #ebdish focused on #NF exchange to measure behavior. "cognition is concerned with facts." #ebdish More Descartes. "Cognition" is focus created by harmonic ECPwaves. "emotional affect is…“the general term for the judgmental system" #ebdish Nope. It's a habitual feedback loop.

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