Saturday, October 2, 2010

#ebdish Glossary v.1.0 Nouns

@ seconded! @, we need glossary, please.

And so the following:

The point is find the glyphs that enable the construction of sensible word strings about complex systems in 140 characters or less.

@ Yes! a stock market of conversational particles, witnessing NFME tokens being Xchanged in Bplaces, RTubes expand -

@ Interesting, NFME flows becoming symmetrical. ECwaves smoothly Xchanged between aligned Bplaces, expanding Rtubes.

@ Authority without humility causes turbulent Rtubes to erode Bplaces. Hmm, watching a movie, mulling.

@ Trying to insert NFME into Rtubes with Humility Deficient Disorder is just too much trouble to be worth it.

@ Expanding Rtubes needs low energy ECwaves and some NFME that trigger Cwave dominance. Need time to Mull.

Code for Reality Tube. Replaces Activity Space Time in version 0.1 .
Roughly equivalent to Point of View, Conceptual Framework, Mindset, Worldview, Gestalt

Code for Behavior Place. A more precise capture of Activity Space Time in version 0.1
Roughly equivalent to Real World, Observables, Measurable Data Streams. The most common observable in biology is denoted by Gene. New insights of evolutionary biology are now making the mechanisms of genes expression observable. In commerce the observable is the money for goods and services exchange.

Code for Waves of Emotion .
Roughly equivalent to Passion. Previously unobservable connections in the "Right Brain." Observable, but under often under appreciated stresses in a person, organization or society.

The observable is denoted by Lumene.

Code for Waves of Cognition.
Roughly equivalent to Previously unobservable neural connections in the "Left Brain". And observable, but often under appreciated, movements in cognitive categories.

The observable is denoted by Gene.

Code for observable information exchange. Genes, memes and lumenes are specific types or characteristics that are in the set of NFME. An NFME may be said to be Ewave dominant e.g, many songs, abstract expressionist Art. An NFME may be said to be Cwave dominant e.g. academic paper or a legal contract.

Usually the NFME as info token that replicates fastest may be said to have a specific balance of Ewaves and Cwaves triggers that resonate with ECwaves already present in an Rtube.

An NFME is different from "Meme" in that it has words to clarify the mechanism between the emotional and cognitive components of words, sounds and pictures.

Code for NarrativeFractal. Roughly equivalent to story, narrative, sensible string of words, or emotive pattern of sounds or images. It may be said that an Nfractal is a string of n number of NFME.

It may be said that the skin on an Rtube is a Nfractal fishnet. It points to the information filtering mechanism for a complex adaptive system composed of nested and mashed up Rtubes.