Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Growing a theory of Communication Ecology. 140 characters at a time.

This morning's tweets from ToughLoveForX.
RT @dokodare skin.etc.. + "nature; its slow throb of multi, dcy, regnrtn, symtry, disordr" . Nice.RT@EvidenceMatters Matthew effect .. bibliometrics MJ: if memes = genes, is bibliometrics a mimetics specialisation?

RT@twittor_groups RT @trinamilan Twubs are Twitter groups built around #hashtags: MJ: Consider #English_101_section_3

If #education = learning to evaluate research, then teacher colleges should teach Greenhalgh (via @EvidenceMatters )

RT@complexdays Mini Robofish.. #biomimicry | #mimesis MJ: if they get them to swim in schools, we can fix #education.

If memes=genes, and Wolfram is right about a new science and string theory is useful and communication has an ecology, then #biomimicry?