Sunday, June 20, 2010

#Ebdish as of Father's Day 2010

#ebdish is an evolving "language" to capture the realities of information systems, what I prefer to call Communication Ecologies, in a form that is both precise and general enough to be "scale independent."

The hunch is that life is best visualized through a fractal framework, with simple rules creating emergent networks.

I think we are are as of today is the kernel is an "Activity Space Time" denoted by As/t.

The notion is that a biological organism can be relatively easily be framed as a Time/Space bounded Activity Space. It tries to capture the reality that an organism is in constant motion. Even while seeming motionless at a macro level, it's well established that it is moving at sub levels. And with the new science of physics it seems clear that it's "turtles all the way down.'

Moving to the multicelluar level, As/t could also describe an individual human. In this case bounded in the Space by the skin, and in Time by a normal life span and the stages within that life span.

I think it's pretty clear how the same notion As/t can be applied to any social organism, a community, an enterprise, a professional association or craft, a region or a nation state. At the global level I'm pretty sure it can usefully capture much of the phenomenon of the "economy' most visible in the movements and metrics of global capital markets.

Drilling down a bit, I think we've come to some general agreement that an As/t at a particular moment is a "snapshot" of the "waves" of three interacting fields. Emotional Space/Time Cognitive Space/Time and Physical Space/Time denoted as ECP or Es/t, Cs/t , Ps/t.

I think it's fair to say that we've settled on memes, genes and lumenes to describe the "particles" at which the waves "collapse." The issue is germane because waves are invisible until they manifest in points in 3D physical space.

Here's how it might play out if one looks at Twitter as an As/t.

The Twitter As/t works on asynchronous time and is not bound by space. A tweet is a "particle" that captures waves in Cspace and introduces them into 3d Pspace (- the screen on which the tweet is read) . Tweets can also collapse waves in Es/t - As in Lol, Ho Hah! WTF!, etc.

Each twitter persona can be seen as a As/t , in which waves of Cs/t * E/st move through unique 3D Ps/t. At the instant of the tweet, those Cs/t * Es/t waves "collapse" into a 140 characters and are released in the Twitterverse. The Twitterverse is one among many - Facebook being another - that has particles of Cs/t*Es/t waves moving in visible accessible form.

There's lots more to specify, but I hope this is a good enuff clarification of where we are so far.