Friday, August 8, 2014

CoogleExp 1.2

A sketch of a look at the complexity  that we call the education system.

If this is a not legible you can click on the image for a larger verson, or you can scroll through the sketch at 

The idea is the green lines are the Gwave in nemetic code which are also referred to as the Meso level. Events happen in the Gwave.  

The blue lines are the Bwave in nemetic code also referred to the Macro level. In the three wave entanglement Bwaves can interpreted as constraints or Inhibitory Energy. 

The red lines are the Rwave in nemetic code also referred to the Micro level. In the RGB wave metaphor, the Rwave is the source of Excitatory Energy.

To try to clarify a bit. The Rwave is where real life happens. That is the level on which all of us can manifest energy. The Bwave could be a culture or mindset that indicates what is wrong or right to do. The Bwave could also be the rules and regulations within which the Agent behaves.

For example, in this version what we are centering on is the student in the Gwave. The Teacher in the Bwave. And Peer groups in the Rwave. The idea is to create conditions of emergent learning for the student, one should look one level up - teachers and one level down - peer group.  

Please remember this is merely the first of what I feel will be lots more fine tuning. I appreciate any help I can get from my educator friends. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Above is a first experiment with Coggle. Thank you +Colin Kilburn for the push..

Given that the structure is based on nemetics which is a context agnostic taxonomy, my conjecture is a diagram of this general format can be used for Seeing any "wicked problem" in any complex system.  The point is not to "explain" the dynamics. Rather it is to know where to look and to put what you see within a framework that one can look closer. It's only from a closer look that the "solution" will emerge.