Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is #ebdish good for, anyways.

Maybe the following:

Connectors move #NF from @ and @RT and RT to @ and #.

I know I'm a disinterested and highly intentional A/st. My hunch is when a Bounded A/st has a W2 day job, prblty of disinterest is low.

On the other hand, when a bounded A/st has an entrprenurial or freelance day job disinterest is an evolutionarily advantage.

Based on personal knowledge I know that the way to sell stuff is a nuanced understanding of the Intent of an in-focus As/t.

My very strong hunch is that NFME of operant (n)A/st is the key to organizing a community, teaching and could be scale independent.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#ebdish as a Biomimicry approach to the Communication Ecology <- I have a feeling it's the visualization of #ebdish @openworld @Spirospiliadis @nedkumar @wwjimd

the energy currency of biology systems 1:38/17:08 in #ebdish info tokens emitted by A/st are "energy currency"

How bout? is a Bizarre activity.[ #ebdish ] Process is Flaky. Sugar mol = A/st. ATP = output info token.

openworld Cells as metaphor, cont. >> RT @toughloveforx: vid shows #ebdish cc @Spirospiliadis @nedkumar @wwjimd

@openworld Thanks for . Untangling the mess of sociology using #biomimcry not yet on my radar. My hunch is #ebdish .

@openworld How bout in #ebdish "Each object / cell lives in a community of objects" looks like nested (n)A/st to me. Any resonance?

@openworld "sending messages to other objects," sounds like exchange information tokens. #ebdish

@openworld is nice How bout? Not "Create, Destroy, Execute, Clone" But [ Notice<->Focus<->Mull<->Info Token] #ebdish

"Bioteams are co-evolving living metasystems!" h/t @dcarli How bout in #ebdish they're nested intentional A/st " <- "two living systems begin to communicate in a recurrent way" [#ebdish] Habitual Info token exchange btwn two A/st. <- "This co-evolution situation is known as a higher order "metasystem"' #ebdish (n)A/st where n = 2 -> ∞

Sunday, August 15, 2010

#Edbish as of August 15

Basic Unit is the Activity Space which is always moving through time. Denoted As/t. It's like a network node in network science.

The notion is that an A/st is nested in a network of similar As/t. eg. The student in the classroom in the school in the community.

The actions of each As/t immediately effects the environment of the all the others. And thus changes their likely responses.

There 3 elements that entangle in an As/t. The cognitive, emotional and physical. Cwave, Ewave and Pwave.

ECPwaves in sync lead to sustainable evolution of an As/t. Out of sync leads to distraction and starts and stops.

In sync ECPwaves maximise the potential to "notice" new information. Too busy, being busy is the visible form.

The process of learning for an As/t is Notice ->Focus ->Mull -> Engage. The mistake is focusing on Engage without the 3 previous states.

When a Pwave is seen as a standing wave because of the time interval it becomes a Place. ECPwaves can collapse into a meme or a gene.

Ewave collapses into a lumene. Music and art are "memes" that make Ewaves visible and tokens of exchange and thus lumenes.

Token exchanges between (n)As/t (n is up to a gezillion) leads to emergent properties.

Genes, memes and lumenes are tokens of exchange. A narrativefractal is a well ordered string of memes and lumenes.