Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#ebdish as a Biomimicry approach to the Communication Ecology

http://ilnk.me/3d98 <- I have a feeling it's the visualization of #ebdish @openworld @Spirospiliadis @nedkumar @wwjimd

the energy currency of biology systems 1:38/17:08 http://ilnk.me/3d99 in #ebdish info tokens emitted by A/st are "energy currency"

How bout? http://ilnk.me/3d99 is a Bizarre activity.[ #ebdish ] Process is Flaky. Sugar mol = A/st. ATP = output info token.

openworld Cells as metaphor, cont. http://j.mp/ccgFyJ >> RT @toughloveforx: http://ilnk.me/3d98 vid shows #ebdish cc @Spirospiliadis @nedkumar @wwjimd

@openworld Thanks for http://ilnk.me/3d7b . Untangling the mess of sociology using #biomimcry not yet on my radar. My hunch is #ebdish .

@openworld How bout in #ebdish "Each object / cell lives in a community of objects" looks like nested (n)A/st to me. Any resonance?

@openworld http://ilnk.me/3da6 "sending messages to other objects," sounds like exchange information tokens. #ebdish

@openworld http://ilnk.me/3da6 is nice How bout? Not "Create, Destroy, Execute, Clone" But [ Notice<->Focus<->Mull<->Info Token] #ebdish

"Bioteams are co-evolving living metasystems!" http://ilnk.me/3dac h/t @dcarli How bout in #ebdish they're nested intentional A/st "

http://ilnk.me/3dac <- "two living systems begin to communicate in a recurrent way" [#ebdish] Habitual Info token exchange btwn two A/st.
http://ilnk.me/3dac <- "This co-evolution situation is known as a higher order "metasystem"' #ebdish (n)A/st where n = 2 -> ∞

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