Saturday, May 22, 2010

Translating Tainter to EBdish

It started this morning as I was playing in the twitterverse. After a while, I tweeted:

@openworld @spirospiliadis When you next have some time to play, wanna twittertennis to translate Tainter to EBdish?

Since I didn't get a response while it was top of my mind, the following post:

The point is :
It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives, It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Darwin

So let's say:

An Activity Space is a bounded entanglement of waves that move through Espace (Emotive) Cspace (Cognitive) Pspace (Physical) . Aspace can be used to frame a cell, a person, a community, an enterprise, a nation space, the global capital markets. It can also be used to frame an object - a book, a poster, a logo, a building, a tool.

The point is that each of the examples create an Activity Space in which E*C*P is entangled and made visible.

Then let's say:

It is in principle impossible to view Espace waves. What is possible to see manifestations of movement in Pspace. Art and Music are the prime examples. What Art is popular at what time for whom can produce insights on the E waves. But the E waves themselves can not be directly experienced. To make it even more interesting, the very act of seeing, changes the nature of the E waves.


"Social <-[ Aspace of interest ] complexity can be recognized by differentiated social and economic roles" [ Increase in nested Activity Spaces]

[ the existence of a class of information producers and analysts who are not involved in primary resource production] evo of Cspace Actors.

"complexity requires a substantial "energy" subsidy" [ Pspace is energy producer. Cspace is energy user. ]

"it tends to create new layers of bureaucracy, infrastructure, or social class" [Activity spaces with in Cspace Power Actors]

"When a society [ Activity space] confronts a "problem," [ A Pspace constraint on an Activity Space of interest]

When Cspaces can mash up to create new Bounded Cspaces synchronized with behavior in P space, stuff is mo betta, fasta.