Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Above is a first experiment with Coggle. Thank you +Colin Kilburn for the push..

Given that the structure is based on nemetics which is a context agnostic taxonomy, my conjecture is a diagram of this general format can be used for Seeing any "wicked problem" in any complex system.  The point is not to "explain" the dynamics. Rather it is to know where to look and to put what you see within a framework that one can look closer. It's only from a closer look that the "solution" will emerge.


  1. It looks great Michael, U R welcome!

    This is a nice solo version of the game ... a template to spawn. More to come so keep playing.
    And Congratulations, you are now ready to advance to a level 2 "QDR Gamer" multiPlayer games. At level 3 there are rewards ... I hear.

    Your participation and advice has been kind and useful, and we still have consolidating to do ... in the early maps we shared. ... Game On :)

    And more "QDR weTree Games" to come ... for knowledge team commonraudery monkeys.

  2. Concept mapping ... neat stuff. Quite popular ... quite fun! (That it has not in all these years gotten traction should be indicative to any serious researcher.)
    If you're into this approach I highly recommend both cMap and Compendium. Both very well resourced projects.

    I spent years surveying this field of activity; I reported my findings in (I stopped, eventually. Nobody really gives a damn. As you could know very well. Could.)

    Bottom line: this graphical approach is good enough as far as it goes. But it doesn't go far at all. I gave up on the graphical approach entirely in 2002, when the tech for what is now called "Web 2.0" started rolling out.
    I had been making hyper-documents as early as late 1980s ... in an avionics R&D setting. But you might know that already. Sorry, I mean you //could// know that already. Since I bring it up regularly. And would have described the processes and methods ... if ever there had been conversation with you.

    p.s. the comment above; AUG2014 ... nearly 2 decades after I was doing my research ... and they (with you?) are barely doing preliminaries. (Worked with ontologies yet? I suspect not.) The fun is in the playing with it ... so re-inventing the wheel is of concern to nobody. Because end and goal and product and progress and project and benefit ... that's just boring.
    KyeHo ... a sad age.

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