Friday, December 3, 2004

Print/Web Articulates Space/Time

The Fundamental Theorem of Communication Ecology
If Print = Matter and Web = Information + Search = Energy, then Matter/Energy articulates Space/Time.
Einstein had it right after all! Thank you, CN.
Here's what I'm trying to get at:
Code allows consumers to track source of poultry back to original farm
-- Packaging Digest, 12/2/2008 9:55:00 AM

Just BARE brand organic chickens are said to be vegetable-fed and raised cage-free by independent, local family farmers. But what’s more unique is the combination of Just BARE's transparent package with a system that enables consumers to trace which family farm their specific package of chicken originated.

Just BARE's transparent, recyclable plastic tray and its clear film lid are said to give consumers a nearly 360-degree view of the chicken inside, replacing the traditional, less environmentally friendly foam tray used by some chicken manufacturers.

The most interesting part of the Just BARE packaging, however, is the Family Farm Code, which is located next to the manufacturer's freshness date code on each chicken package. By entering the 3-digit code on, consumers can learn the location of the family farm where their Just BARE chicken was raised.

Just BARE chicken follows Animal Welfare Guidelines established by the National Chicken Council (NCC) in conjunction with industry experts and top poultry scientists from leading universities. Just BARE flocks are free to roam in modern, climate-controlled barns. The chickens are able to eat and drink whenever they want and interact as they would in the outdoors. They are provided the right amount of light and darkness to reflect natural conditions, and protected from external environmental hazards.

"All of our chickens are well-cared for by family farmers throughout Minnesota who are passionate about what they do," says Julie Berling, marketing director for Just BARE. "For many of our farmers, raising chickens is a way of life -- some have been doing it for more than three generations."

Source: Just BARE Chicken

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