Friday, February 20, 2009

Maybe this is the Next Big Thing

read at newsbreaks,infotoday,com
A New “Gutenberg” Site Launches as an Ebook Resource:
"A new ebook resource has launched with a familiar sounding name— ( It bills itself as 'a central resource for ebook lovers, ebook newbies, and the ebook industry.' Note the .com domain—it is important. The site is not linked in any way to the well-known Project Gutenberg at or to,, or (the Project Gutenberg Consortia Center). . . . the new informational site run by marketing consultant and executive producer Chris Andrews, who made his name in the CD-ROM and streaming media businesses.

. . . on Feb. 9, 2009, officially launched as "a new central information resource and social network for the ebook community." At the launch, Andrews also announced an agreement with the Gutenberg Museum for a special section on that will pay tribute to the history and culture of the book.
. . .
The content from the Gutenberg Museum should be added to the site soon. The site offers a weekly email update. Andrews has also built a social network on Ning for ( There’s also a Facebook discussion group designed to generate buzz (, which currently has 118 members and 10 discussion topics.
Read for free. Pay for print. Sell stuff that people will buy. Give the stuff that people want, but will not pay for. Nurture the social networks to form tribes. Invent stuff that tribes will buy. Sell stuff to the tribes using the web.

Why wouldn't this work for newspapers?

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