Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Digital News-on-Paper emerges in Spain

Consider that 6,000 80 pages = 24,000 20 page papers.

"Oce strengthened its prime position in the emerging short-run digital newspaper print market by signing an agreement with Imcodavila, one of the leading Spanish publishers, where six thousand colour newspapers are to be printed digitally every day.

Imcodavila, located 100 kilometres outside Madrid, will be the world's first short-run production site for domestic titles in colour with average daily print runs of 6,000 80-page colour newspapers. Up to 40 separate titles - a mixture of dailies, weeklies and monthlies - will be produced on an Oc�JetStream 2200 inkjet colour web press.

Never in the history of newspapers have so many titles been printed digitally in one location. The site has the capacity to produce up to ten times as many newspapers as any other Oce Digital Newspaper Network production site in the world. Imcodavila produces titles like La Vanguardia, Diario de vila, Pablico, . . . with national and local distribution. The new Oce JetStream 2200, with a print speed of 150 metres/min or 2020 A4 pages per minute, is expected to be installed within a month. The first newspapers are due to roll off the presses in May."

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