Monday, March 2, 2009

Personalized Newspapers?

Kindles, epaper from Hearst Corp and Paper, now that's a multichannel market platform. The next item on the agenda is to figure out how to sell it.

The answer is something about combining newspaper ad salespeople with commercial print salespeople with local TV and radio sales people.

The pitch is multi channel marketing campaigns for local enterprise. Every body needs it. Not one of the separate sales forces can sell it.

1+1+1 +1 = 10
@Personalized Newspaper Symposium
"As industries and communication channels like cable, the Internet, satellite radio, magazine, newspaper and even book publishing migrate toward a highly targeted, on-demand model, the future of news media depends on leveraging new trends and harnessing new technologies. For instance, advanced digital printing technology makes the vision of creating totally variable newspapers, magazines and books a practical reality.

During the summer of 2008, a group of 50 industry visionaries gathered at MediaNews Group's Denver headquarters to participate in the second global Individuated News Conference. At the event, presentations explored everything from industry trends to content creation, composition, output and distribution. With the goal of further defining the opportunities for the industry, a follow-on event was considered to explore print-centric business models and enabling technologies for individuated newspapers and ancillary products.

The third, global Individuated Newspaper Conference will gather innovators, thought leaders, publishers, technology experts and print providers or outsourcers together to exchange ideas and develop a direction for the future of the news personalization."

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