Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Twitter approach towards a theory of sustainable communication ecology

I started "twittering" about a month ago. As of today, I consider myself a born again twitt. A twitter stream from this morning, follows:

RT@OpenHQR What is Holistic Quantum Relativity? Me: demographics+genetics+mimetics = #education informatics.

Australian academic S.J. Whitty .. "project management is a memeplex"

S.J. Whitty "In this paper I will . . argue . . for . . memetic approach to PM research" PDF @

Dawkins says “all life evolves by the differential survival of replicating entities” Memes are self replicators,

Kofman says "we do not talk about what we see; we see only what we can talk about”:

Bandler says "Misled by the structure of our language, we come to assume that blue is a property" of the thing. Printers know how that works

S.J. Whitty says the language of P M "has evolved by memetic selection. This presupposes no design, only the appearance of it. "

S.J. Whitty says " Memes are tools for thinking, and they have to be used in order for them to generate behaviour " #Education is thinking.

S.J. Whitty "Instead of seeing knowledge as cnstrctd by social system, memetics defines social systems as cnstrctd by knowledge processes.

Blackmore suggests that our enormous human brain size has been created by memes, a product of genetic and memetic evolution.

S.J Whitty :" Memetic research could identify/isolate. . 'best practice' Organisations would then . . . (get to) a shorter learning time

AIPM says "Our vision is to be recognised by bsiness,industry, government, as the leader in prject mngmnt profesnalsm.

Oops! The correct link for Australian Institute of Project Management is

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