Friday, May 28, 2010

Towards a Visual Representation of Activity Space

I did a image search at Google for Fractal Images. Selected one. Opened in iPhoto. Played around with couple of adjustments and got the following. Number 1 is the original. My hunch is that be using color separation and color correction techniques it should be possible to do useful "scientific visualizations" of Activity Space and the Flows of Emotion , Cognitive and Physical spaces.

In EBdish - ActSpace is the entanglement of E*C*P.

Original Image from the web.

Just two of many possible variations. My hunch is that the black only version appropriately adjusted could articulate PSpace. My further hunch is that there is some way of using levels of warmth to visualize ESpace and maybe the blue channel for Cog Space.


I figure that someone with a little movie making skill (not me) might do something like ......

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