Thursday, September 16, 2010

#EBDish as of Sept 16 6:03 pm

After much debate on twitter, with some wonderful tweeps. Not listed now as I want to get this done quickly. Here's where I think we stand.

1. The hope is that #EBdish will evolve into a code translator between many of the disciplines that seem to be moving to "Network Science" as a new paradigm.

I think a quick look at Cognitive Sciences: 3D Mind Map . put into the stream by @Dcarli originating from @TheMindMapWatch is what I think I see regarding that point.

2. As of today, it seems we've settled into 3 fundamental elements of a code translator.

a. Ewaves - meant to capture Emotion. To be able to map from biology and life sciences
it is essential to have a term that captures the tensions and releases in the body.

b. Cwaves - meant to capture Cognition. This is where the most work has been done in AI. Glyphs combined into words and then combined into "sentences" The hope is this will help translate from IT, analytics in marketing, health and the other fields that moving quickly to develop "predictive analytics.

c. Behavior Place Most often overlooked in schemes of many of the Network Science approaches.

The central notion is that "Ewaves and Cwaves" are both the input and the output of Behavior Place.

The jargon for both input and output is #NFME. it's derived from "Notice. Focus. Mull. Engage." The strong hunch is that those four terms can fully capture what is referred to as Learning. The code #NFME points to the fact they only exist in the real world - Behavior Place - Bplace.

Lots more, but hopefully this will move #EBDish a little further away from being mere #Gibberish.

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  1. Not gibberish at all... brilliant actually IMO. When I used to work with kids from extreme at-risk environments I often wondered why we couldn't derive an algorithm for what we did. The kids were all different, but their needs were relatively the same (within the domains of Ewaves and Cwaves) and definitely contributed to their expressive behavior. However, it was obvious that their emotive and cognitive backgrounds were heavy factors contributing to their states of mind and hence their behavior- Bplace. The E and C waves they manifested were indicative of past experience and environmental influence, but at the same time contributed massively to their emotive and cognitive functioning in the present.

    #NFME is interesting. When I think about it, I remember thousands of times introducing a new skill or concept when I have asked students or proteges "have you ever noticed when...?" I believe you have captured a natural teaching tendency in the "notice" element.

    Focus, mull and engage... I see my own kids experience this continuum every day, and again, it appears you have captured what I am feeling is a naturally occurring linear process in one's mind... (why do linear things get slammed so much these days?;o) I think of my kids in the mountains and their curiosity of things they see there... they notice something but seldom mention it right away... then the wheels start turning, and after a while (mulling) I get the "Dad, why are those trees red like that when all the others are green..." sort of question. (For some reason the little Grainger's have been fascinated with pine beetle issues in the Alberta forests this year- budding naturalists, I think;o)

    I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it... you are on to something. I'm appreciating the logical (scientific) slant to this- all too often in the social sciences we are presented with theories heavily weighted at the extreme ends of either the affective domain on one side or the cognitive on the other... your approach acknowledges that both are at play in the "real world."

    I have a similarly laid out theory of my own I'd like to share with you. I'm gonna try and get it into a document I can attach and send you. I scratch the surface of it in my work speaking about how we are hard-wired to prevail aka resiliency.

    Let me work on that for you.

    You're a hell of an interesting guy Michael- its my privilege to learn form you.