Monday, December 6, 2010

Is this what a Narrative Fractal looks like?

Yesterday @emergentinsight posted the first #ebDish vid to Youtube.

R, Omega, K and Alpha are taken from the metaphors that have emerged to describe Panarchy .

Credit : Noah Raford Large Scale participatory Future Systems


  1. I'm leaning towards two ways of depicting #narrativefractals.

    One is a cylindrical or tubelike "side view" with color banded segments, corresponding to the attractor, challenge, oppty, strategy, test, and decision aspects. From this side view, one can see other nested NFs within each element.

    The other view would be a "front view" of the same NF cylinder. From this view, six spokes radiate out of a centerpoint to form a radar-graph like snowflake. Each spoke again represents a specific NFractal element. The degree to which an element populated with good content in the view of a trustnet's feedback is indicated by looking at the shape of the filled-in section of the radargraph.

    I've been working to update the earlier Ebdish Powerpoint slides on this and plan to be sharing them soon. Look forward to any further comments meanwhile!

  2. Michael JosefowiczDecember 6, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    What I'm starting to see is the Nfractal is the story that an "Rtube", be it a person, organization or society, uses to make sense of incoming data.

    What I like about the top two images is the notion that there is an optimal shape for the story. The most realistic story can be captured in the four stages of Growth, Conservation, Release and Reorganization.

    The reality is that for many people, organizations and societies their story is bent out of shapes.

    More to come. But it needs more mulling before it's worth Engaging.

  3. Hmmm... I see the sensemaking done via our social tetrahedrons ( ).

    Each edge at the base of the soctet to me is defined by our baseline hunches or beliefs (Personal-Business-Civic).

    The vertical axis in the center is where we can test/develop scripts for balancing the pull of the baseline beliefs, according to varying levels of the Maslow pyramid.

    The baseline beliefs (as they get filled in with trusted tokens) are expressed narrative fractal structures.

    As the initial beliefs fill in with trusted tokens from NME exchanges, we form habits that resolve initial tensions in our beliefs, enabling the boundaries of our selves to expand.

    The social tetrahedron of our extended self tentatively projects new larger beliefs, consistent with those in our core, which promise to better better spread our valued ideas (memes), qualities of spirit (lumenes), and/or physical forms (genes).

    As our extended self discovers overlapping reproductive aims and beliefs with others, a commons emergences, and a higher holon (extended self) emerges.

    Our overlapping RTubes - the mesh of increasingly coherent narrative factals - form the new baseline storyline for this higher holon.

    Or so the direction of evolution seems to me. What aspects of the above attract (and/or challenge) your beliefs on these lines?