Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nemetics Visuals 1.5

Recently I've started playing with a Wave Interference Simulator. It has controls for frequency, Amplitude, one or two wave generators, the spacing between the wave generators, barrier or no barrier. One or two slits in the barrier, the size and  spacing between splits. 

It seems to be a helpful tool to visualize some basic nemetic concepts. The first image below emulates free exchange within authentic constraints, or in nemetics code Free nEx w/in AuCnst .
The balls emulate nemes - the basic unit of interest in nemetics. The radiating lines are nStrings; the black spaces between the nStrings are nTubes. The overall pattern is the nShape. The waves and especially the wave interference patterns are nFields.

In the image below, a barrier with no splits has been inserted. This could have many interpretations. It's an elite in a situation of no money exchange. Money is taken as nemes. The flow of money is taken as neme Exchange. It is neme Exchange that creates Energy.

Note the coherent patterns of nStrings on the left side of the barrier. nStrings overlap. A diversity of nTubes creating a complex but coherent pattern. One the right side of the barrier are patterns. But a nemiTube that is separate from the barrier. Whatever energy exists comes from the non elite. Not precisely sure how that maps to the real world. But it is interesting.

Another interpretation is the image above emulates a open classroom. Generating long nStrings into the world. The nemes are taken as students. The nStrings are taken as the energy in which the student is embedded. The dark spaces are nemiTubes that are bounded with Strings. Emulates peer learning. Although this pic doesn't show it, well bounded nTubes take out friction from neme Exchange nEx. Note the nTube proximate to the barrier is not well bounded as nStrings only create the border on the right. On the left we have a boundary that does not Exchange.

Thanks to Sean Grainger (see comments below. ) In the optimal visualization tool it would be possible to rotate the 2d image to 3d by spinning around the dotted line access.

It's interesting to imagine the different shapes generated by picture one v picture two. In picture one the field would generate as a whirlpool. Pulling nemes from the center. In picture two, with no direct connection behind the barrier, the field would settle into more like a mushroom. Pull would not be possible in that case.


  1. Intriguing. I like the symbolic representations. One thing strikes me though in that it seems so orderly. I've always thought of nstrings as whipping and folding and spiraling as if in a windstorm, (life;o) I seeach this analogy as chaos and randomness that has natural but perhaps almost imperceptibleorder. I see nemetics as the language with which we interpret the chaos.

  2. Sean, Your point about spiral or windstorm is just how I see it. In this simulator only does two dimension. If it were in three dimensions and rotate around the dotted center line it should be just what you are talking about.

    As for chaos, there a many settings that show no coherence. Especially when the barrier is closed. I'll be posting a series of these things to share what I think I' m seeing.

    What has been really blowing me away is the simulator is about phsyics and waves. Nothing to do with people. Says to me we might really be onto something..

  3. Cool. Agreed. I was at the RDC Innovation lab yesterday afternoon doing recon with my new principal for my new school and saw a 3D "printer," a machine that renders 3 dimensional plastic models with molten plastic using a metal compound to fill negative space that melts away in a chemical bath once the model is complete. I saw a oil drilling bit model 1/3ish scale with multiple moving parts that had nemetics written all over it;o) I'm so excited to be moving to my new school and to explore community school/post-secondary school collaborations. You should see this lab BTW- they do R&D for medicine, NASCAR, space... awesome!

  4. Awesome. You should know 3D printers have been on my radar for a long time. Seems they finally have it right. Lots of talk with Steven about what rapid prototyping and tool production on demand could mean in Zambia.

    Implications boggle the mind.

  5. Sean,

    Your comment got me thinking. I noticed that in the second image, with a barrier between elites (or classrooms ) if you turns on access one does not get the same kind of tornado shape as one would in the first one...

    sooo interesting.

  6. Thought I'd add the rapid prototyping link to this thread... Check out number one in the list;o)
    I met Eric Kokko on a tour of the facility this week. My new principal and I were doing recon and opening dialog directed at possible collaborations between RDC and our science, tech and inquiry K-8 school. Great (and smart) guy. The Dean and 3 dept. were there too. So exciting considering the RDC growth initiative motto "Building Communities Through Learning."

  7. I see nStrings in a spiral windstorm of chaos, yet we design environments that create coherence. It might also be that by noticing someneme together a pattern of nstring coherence emerges. Maybe it's an inspiration nTube that we enter and gradually as we network and nemify, a greater sense of nShape arises.

    So, there are these boundary points (w/ slit) in the simulation that act as buffers, filters, or what have you. Curious if this is not the membrane of designed nTubes - my be physically, or highly cultural.

    Speak more to relation of constraints and nTubes. I'm fascinated by the formation, or materialising of the nShape and its role in constraining nTubes in the time space of the nSphere/Fields. If what I say makes sense then please engage, or mull me some questions if not yet clear.

    Sean, congrats on the rapid RDC developments. I will be interested in hearing more of the "Building Communities Through Learning" initiative. Sounds like a good story emerging there. ;-)

  8. Dan-

    Loving "It might also be that by noticing some neme together a pattern of nstring coherence emerges" I have a feeling that is a really important insight. The way I think I see it is that what we see as "chaos" becomes merely complexity when Notice occurs.

    For me coherence is usually there but we have to look from the right angle and scale.

    It seems our Strings naturally resonate. Check the post right after this on the issue of nTubes -> nShapes...