Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ripple Tank Simulator as a Tool for Nemetics 1.0

Nemetics is an approach to develop insights in any complex adaptive system that apply to all complex adaptive systems. In the service of that approach we have been playing with a wave simulator called Ripple Tank. You can find it here -

Below are some results as we fine tune the tool for the languge of nemes, nStrings, nTubes, nShapes, neme exchange and Authentic Constraints. In the case you are looking at a first attempt to create pictures of BiPolar Disorder. Since the writer is now successfully managing his own BiPolar condition, these are pictures that resonate with me.

First a word about the model.  Fig 1 below was created by hand. The contention is that an algorithm exists, which will be developed in the future to create any number of set ups.  In a future post the algorithm will be posted. Since the model is merely a java applet and the code is available at the link above, the hope is the open source community or the growing number of Nemeticians will make the fine tunes needed to get to the next stage of investigation.

Figure 1. 

Is created by running the app with no constraints. It is stopped arbitrarily and the blue and red lines follow the shape of interference patterns. In this case the lines to add were chosen by the serendipity  of personal choices.

The model has 3 levels of edge condition being porous. The blue lines are most porous. The red lines with Fixed Edges unclicked are the next level. Red lines with Fixed Edges clicked are the least porous available. 


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