Thursday, September 13, 2012

Notes for an Iterative Nemetical Model

A central Nemetical variable is Constraints. Following are some images to explore that variable.

Setup - Interior Shape based on interference pattern with 12 sourcepoint

Time x with Fixed Edges
I see coherence within the inner shape

Three Dimensional View of Previous Snapshot 

Fixed Edges Unclicked  Time y
I see a lack of coherence in the interior shape.

Fixed Edges UnClicked Time y + a
Also a lack of coherence
Be very interested in what you see.

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  1. I think there are 3 central variables in Nemetics, which are a) Energy b) Constraints c) Damping. All three must be in play simultaneously. One just can't keep out any one of them.

    The basic thing that seems to illustrated so well with this model is the idea of sync and out of sync.

    Being in sync does not create a difference and hence there is no emergence of any complexity. But being out of sync (or out of phase) is the critical difference that creates complexity.

    I think any system wants to stay in sync. But the interactions of Energy, Constraints and Damping forces it to be either in lock step or out of phase.

    The 3 D view of your model depicts this clearly. The spaces where the peaks are absent are spaces where the peaks were out of sync (incoherence) and that creates the difference.