Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RTE 3.20 What you see depends on how you look at it

If you are interested in the Theory of Nemetics refer to 

Nemetical approach to Complex Adaptive Systems –
 interactions of Red, Green, Blue Waves

The video are different ways to look at precisely the same system.


  1. Lovely demonstration of how the same system looks different from different perspectives. Hence it also highlights the need to have a common way to understand any system. It then becomes apparent that we must also have a common language, which unfortunately cant be a human language and has to be a language of the system.

  2. Thanks for comment. Every day I am more convinced that nemetic language, code or jargon, coupled with a way to see or even sense nemetics might well be the language we need.

    The other thought is a skill to be learned is to be able to jump fluently between the point, line, side and three dimensional moving views to see opportunities and get a sense for risk.

  3. Intuition made visible perhaps…"common way to understand"….."a way to see or even sense nemetics might well be the language we need." A communication sense so much more developed in other species than in ours.

  4. Thank you for "intuition made visible" I do think however the intuition skill in humans is powerful. Sometimes merely under used and often not subject to rational examination to see if the intuition is correct or not so much.

    Consider how often we get a "first impression" of a person. Usually not all that wrong.