Thursday, March 14, 2013


Following changes the frequency. One is higher than the other. 


  1. Vibrations are taking place in two directions. One is radial, i.e. along the plane of the fluid (source 1). The other is axial, i.e. in and out of the surface of the fluid (source 2).

    In the first video, the two frequencies, radial and axial are close and a regular pattern is formed. It is made of smooth wave front where velocity of vibration is predominant.

    This pattern can now be mapped onto a) production system b) a country's economics c) job market etc.

    For a production system it would mean that the productive capacity (axial vibration) is slightly more than the market demand or need. A regular pattern of production and consumption takes place and the pattern is repeated over and over again. Both efficiency and effectiveness would be determined by the effort and policies it takes to maintain the velocity of the activities, which would then result in a smooth flow or movement. The aim is to maintain the velocity of production slightly above the demand (operating in open mass market economy).

    Same might be said for a nation or national economy. This pattern might represent the US or European Economy before 2008.

    Or it might be applicable to a job market where the jobs are only slightly lesser than the production of qualified job aspirants.

    Velocity is the main driver in all the above cases.

    The second video is different. It produces multiple patterns which appear and disappear at regular periodicity. In this case the productive capacity is much higher than the market requirement (axial is more than the radial), diverse elements are being produced and multiple markets are being created and catered to at great speed.

    Noteworthy in the pattern exhibited by the second video is the acceleration component that tends to break up the pattern into smaller components -- seemingly scattered all over.

    This pattern might be likened to a production unit that caters to the market in custom domains -- i.e. making special products as per demand rather than a mass market.

    Similarly it might represent Chinese economy catering to multiple markets and multiple niche areas where acceleration is the determining factor to stay in the market.

    Likewise it may also represent a job market that is transient in nature where demand and supply never quite matches, each rushing to get better of the other.

    Hence the survival technique in such a context is 'acceleration' and not speed/velocity -- that is operating in short bursts of energy is the secret of thriving. Therefore, all systems are to be geared in that fashion.

    Michael, hope you find this interpretation useful. Let me know.


    1. DD so much to think about from your post. I think it's fair to say I can see points, lines, surfaces... but seeing 3D is still something I am learning.

      I've done some more experiments to show pulsating overall in figure 2. Still hard to capture in a vid. What I have seen so far is that local pulsation seems to be doable.

      I think that goes directly to your insight about "It produces multiple patterns which appear and disappear at regular periodicity. '

    2. MJ, I just have a feeling that intuition and imagination form the only bridge between Surface Awareness to 3 Dimensional Awareness and beyond.

      I guess multiple patterns might be the emergent view of the interactions between radial and axial vibration, when axial goes higher than the radial.