Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Njournal 14.3 Towards a Nemetic Math


I = Intent  
n  =  neme 
nSt = nStrings connect Nemes.
nTu = nTube coherent bundles of strings.
nCl = nCell coherent bundle of tubes. The bundle is bounded by a woven membrane of strings and tubes.
nPx = Nemiplexity a complex adaptive system which has been articulated as strings, tubes, cells.

Nemes are nested in Strings which are nested in Tubes which are nested in Cells. Written as


Any nemPlexity becomes a neme when observed from outside. It remains a nemPlexity when viewed from the inside.

Version 3.0 of the fundamental theorem is
ΔI = f (nk )

The conjecture is the value of k and function f differ significantly in specific Contexts. Below are 8 of the many possible spectrums that specify a Context.  If the spectrums are divided to define discrete variables,  the result is matrix of possibilities. The number of cells in such a matrix defines 86,400 possible Contexts.

  1. Urban v suburban v small city v rural
  2. Baby boomers v  Gen X v Millennials v Gen Z.
  3. Native Born v Foreign Born
  4. Catholic v Protestant v Muslim v Jewish v Asian v Secularist
  5. Caucasian v American Black v  Latin v Asians v Native People
  6. Male v Female v LGBT
  7. Very rich, rich, median, poor, very poor.
  8. North East v Midwest v South v Middle States v West v West Coast

Nemes (nemiPlexities) that define the Nemplexity of US Politics.
Democratic Party v Republican Party
Republican Party (Tea Party v Populist v Establishment )
Democratic Party ( Liberal v Populist v Establishment )
Independents ( Non Active politically v Active Politically)

Business and Non profits.

Extractive Global Organization vs Global Customer Facing vs Global Internet Org  vs Domestic Large Org v Small Org v Micro Org.

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