Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just got my latest issue of Canvas - August 2008

As usual, there are lots of interesting things that professionals are saying about selling print this month at Canvas. There's one about pricing and one about the view from the print buyers point of view. But, that's for another day. But there is one article that is really special. It's called Winning the Hearts and Minds by Brian Sullivan . Brian tells the story of Major Ed Croot, part of the Army's elite Special Forces.

Here's two of the best paragraphs:
My directive as an Army Special Forces Soldier was to kill, capture, destroy, disrupt, and deny the enemy. I realize that is only 20 per cent of what I do. Perhaps the more important 80 percent is to help Iraqi and Afghan people live normal lives". - Major Croot (on page 37)

"So what can salespeople and business leaders take away from Major Croot? Think of the lessons he has learned. It is difficult to force anybody into anything. A "kill, capture, destroy, disrupt and deny" attitude in dealing with colleagues and customers only fortifies their defenses and makes it difficult to positively impact their lives. Just as Croot and our nation have learned that "selling" ideas is easier once trust is built, that rule also applies to us . . .regardless of whether we are selling a product or an idea." - Brian Sullivan, CSP. (page 39)
It's definitely worth getting your hands on an issue to read the whole thing. Since it is such a thought provoking piece, it provoked some thoughts for me. And I do have just one very minor quibble. You can read them here.

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