Monday, November 24, 2008

Compare and Contrast: Money

Is it this?

or is it this?

Is it this?
The correct answer is yes.
It depends how you look at it.
You think what you think because you see what you see.
You see what you see depending on your operative information space.

Humans move through activity spaces.
Activity space is information space plus physical space.
Humans have a repertoire of information spaces.
At moments of focus one emerges.

At moments of stress only one can be chosen.
The manifested information space becomes a lens.
At moments of peace different lenses are available.
Using different lenses is how you get to "it depends".

Articulated information spaces capture more of messy reality.
Logical articulated information spaces help predict the future.
Brains transform logical narratives into logical lenses.
Print is the easiest way to communicate logical narratives.

Or is it this? (thank you, CN)
Q. Which is true?

A) Money make the world go 'round

B) The world will keep on spinnin' with or without money

A. Both

- - -

And here's why:

The answer is relative to what you perceive (your information space)

What you perceive creates what you think.

Humans have a repertoire of information spaces.

Focus = choosing to perceive a single information space

Stress focus = being forced to perceive a single information space

Contemplation focus = being able to perceive multiple information spaces

Contemplation focus is how we arrive at relativity ("it depends").

Diagrams and narratives of an information space (what you perceive) capture one (messy) reality.

Diagrams and narratives of multiple information spaces capture relativity.

Diagrams and narratives of information spaces help predict the future.

Diagrams and narratives create focus.

Print is the best way to capture diagrams and narratives,
and therefore, the best way to create focus.

I say that on the most general level, money is a conceptual construct and sometimes a designed artifact that signals the exchanges and creates strings between activity spaces. How that plays out in the space/time of the real world depends.

What do you say?


  1. That multiple lens metaphor: That's comedy, too. Nothing's funny without it!