Friday, November 28, 2008

Googlezon + Google-Mart is the Global Activity Space

Google-Mart is a business environment defined by (1) an expectation of total informational transparency and accessibility and (2) a requirement for flawless logistics and operations. Named for Google and Wal-Mart" . . . coined by Josefowicz Associates, LLC in January, 2006.
Googlezon is described in the video below . . .released in November 2004 by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson with original music by Aaron McLeran. The video is 8 minutes. If you would prefer to get the story in 30 seconds, the typographic version from Wikipedia is here

Josefowicz Associates republishes selected news about Google and WalMart @ The Google-Mart Economy.

Google-Mart in the Communication Ecology
Print in the Communication Ecology

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