Friday, January 30, 2009

For Print Production Geeks Only

I "taught" production to designers at Parsons for 6 years. I say "taught" because I have since learned that you can't "teach." The best you can do is to create an environment in which learning occurs.

At any rate, it was really hard to get stuff for the three or four students every year that were true Print geeks. Since I'm a Print Geek wannabe, it was really frustrating.

Two years after leaving the teaching biz, I found Quality in Print. It's an awesome resource. Following is the first of 5 posts on Printing at DMaxx. If you don't know what that means, don't bother. But if you have to teach students, staff, or colleagues how Print really works, at the scale of ink touches blanket touches paper this is for you.

Quality In Print: Printing at DMaxx - part 1:
"The published standard solid ink density (SID) targets and their associated CIEL*a*b* values are designed to be be achievable by the majority of printshops with equipment in reasonable working order. They are great for standardizing presswork across the industry. However, they do not represent the best that can be achieved on press nor do they allow for competitive differentiation."

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