Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why does all the cool stuff happen in India?

Building a Social Entrepreneurial Garage Startup in India | PBS:
" . . .And all this hosted on off-the-shelf hardware components, at a cost less than $1000 per community radio station.

The second step will be to connect radio stations situated in remote geographical areas to the Internet. We will do this using long distance WiFi links because broadband of other infrastructure based forms of Internet access are not available in rural areas. This will allow us to provide the following additional features:

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Now all they have to do is link up with a local printer, preferably digital, and they have all the pieces in place.

Or if a printer in the states needs a "new business model:, maybe they can connect with a bunch of Generation Google and do it here.

In any case, here's what I said:
Awesome! Good luck.
Just one suggestion:
Consider doing a Print edition with the content from the station. Here's a description of how that works in the States in Central Pennsylvania.

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