Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blog = Newsletter. One is published on the screen. The other is published in Print.

A "blog" can also be a wiki. Either is a great way to have a conversation with real people. If a blog is managed correctly, it is also a very inexpensive way to get into a conversation with powerful and sometimes quite intelligent people.

But, you can't make enough money from a blog.

So moderate the content. Get really smart and/or powerful people to take part. If you can't find that, then get politician wannabes that are running for office or politicians that want to stay in office, They get the free publicity and lower campaign expenses. Everyone gets a vigorous conversation public issues. The moderator keeps the silliness under control and keeps the focus on complexity instead of sound bites. And you get agates without having to pay the AP.

The newspaper/journalist value creation is the moderating. That's a hard job. It should be a well paying job because of the great content that should be generated. The best person to moderate is a beat reporter. The best place to learn about beat reporting starts from the links from Pat Thornton's blog, the Journalism Iconoclast.
The Journalism Iconoclast is a blog on new media journalism run by Patrick Thornton, a new media journalist and Web developer. Thornton runs the non-profit journalism project BeatBlogging.Org. He spends his days looking for and highlighting the most innovative beat reporters in the world.

If your job is to keep the whole thing afloat, sell Print ads. Everyone knows how to sell Print Ads. Package the print ads with ads on the blog/wiki. For those who like the web, they should buy the ads and get the print as a benefit. For those who like Print, the web ad is the benefit.

If anyone has the time to let me know what I'm missing, it would be greatly appreciated. I keep turning it over and over, and can't see why it wouldn't work.

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