Sunday, April 26, 2009

The formula for educating the customer . . . and everyone else, including yourself

Data points + thinking points = growth of a better responsive mechanism for filtering out the signal from the blablabla.

The problem is that people think blablabla works. It doesn't. Usually it's just more noise.

So . . . keep getting data points and thinking points on their (your) radar. Then as you get closer to the deadline, you'll be able to more quickly separate the signals from the blablabla. Quickly separating signal from noise is what is meant by "smart." The thing that is cool about selling "smart" is that the marginal cost of production is pretty close to zero.

The remaining problems are
1. Create the understanding in the right customer's mind that you can be depended on to do "smart" in the future. Customer's only put a value the future.
2. Be ready to answer the call in real time. Customer real-time is now.
3. Stay on the radar of your customer. Since customers (and everyone else) will do the easiest thing to do, make the easiest thing to do to get a response from you.

1. Number 3 is the really important one. No one's really that much smarter than anyone else. It's all common sense anyways. But some people are a little less busy being busy.

2. Educating bottom of the pyramid high school kids works the same way.

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