Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Pardox of Consultative Print Sales

The better you are, the less they need you.

If you focus on being an unpaid consultant to your customer and plan on being rewarded by the purchase of X, you are in a paradoxical situation.

I did a longer post over at Tough Love resolving this paradox. But the short story is that your customer has to see you as a source of quick fixes the next time they need a quick fix. The issue is not to be a consultant, it's to be a handyman. Every one needs a handy man plus they are so hard to find. It's a bit like a good baby sitter or cleaning person.

It doesn't feel as cool to think of yourself as cleaning person or baby sitter or handyman, but consider how much money a really good plumber makes.


  1. I think of myself mostly as a nanny, but I'm legal. Sort of.

  2. so all you have to do is to find more people who needs a nanny. Given how many babies there are with money to spend, it shouldn't be that hard...if you have the patience.