Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Finally the New York Times gets it right!

Why The New York Times Doesn't Call Its Readers 'Readers' - @Advertising Age - Digital: "NEW YORK ( -- In a world of near-ubiquitous computing, where an ever-expanding collection of devices turns readers into an army of co-creators and news distributors, The New York Times is trying to figure out its place. And the venerable Gray Lady's place in this world, increasingly, rests squarely with turning its readers into, well, something more.

"When we think traditionally about creation [at The New York Times] it was limited to people within the Times," he said. "We created for readers ... [for whom] it was a passive experience.
Here's the point:
But as we moved online, we wanted to move people from readers to users."
Most people who buy newspapers are not readers. Most people are not readers. Most people don't have the time to be readers.

Users use stuff. The New York Times in print or the web is stuff.

Derek Gottfrid
Derek Gottfrid

Speaking at the CaT: Creativity and Technology conference today, Derek Gottfrid, senior software architect and product technologist at The New York Times, said the company has quit calling online readers 'readers,' instead referring to them as users. The conference is hosted by Advertising Age and Creativity."

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