Friday, June 5, 2009

Free Textbooks for High School are now possible

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The trick is ad supported textbooks. The other trick is that sometimes they are books, sometimes newspapers, sometimes posters and sometimes a deck of cards. Whatever form they take, they are just the right information, in just the right form at just the right time. + Printernet + CodeZ QR + + Clickable Print

The reason this fixes high school ed is that the issue is "one-size-fits-all" organization of time and space. Learning only happens with focus. All the rest is just blablabla.

To make the equation work
Bookboon has the tech to put advertising into PDF and to deliver in many languages.
The Printernet is how to print textbooks at OPM/PSP or at the CRD or in the department or in the classroom.
CodeZ has the tech to produce variable information rich QR codes at scale.
Navify has the tech to connect wikipedia content to videos and pictures.
Clickable Print is how to connect print to personal TV.

Hint: Big cellphones are tablet computers.

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