Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Transitions : Free neme Exchange within Authentic Constraints

Figure 1. Low frequency - constraint is the edge of the box

Figure 2. High Frequency creates coherence.

Figure 3. "chaos" although some coherence is visible.

Figure 4. With passage of 70 sec. Coherence emerges from "chaos"

Figure 5 - 7 Show an incremental approach to coherence.
Increasing authentic constraints slowly.
Note: Figure 8 is a condition of Free Neme Exchange within the Authentic Constraints.

 Figure 6
 Figure 7
 Figure 8



  1. Great post. Loved it. One thing becomes clear Periodicity creates value in anything. Thanks a lot for the post.

  2. Seems to me that "time is the deep fundamental" as you remind me so often. I think if we can be patient in the nemex process, we can then be more mindful of what we are noticing/mulling and engaging (or not.) Clarity is liberated through time only if we don't rush the process causing us to miss important elements in the nemex process.

  3. Sean - I see the same. ;-)

    Consider that frequency is a surrogate for Notice. The difference between Low Frequency Figure 1 and High Frequency is interesting to me. High frequency with no constraints creates an interesting pattern.

    What is also interesting is the role constraints applied over time. Figures 5 , 6, 7. At each stage the coherence within the borders increase, those on the right not so much. The somehow points to the role of a teacher, family, school or community. Each creates restraints - a moral code . Interesting way to visualize the proces that gets to 8 no constraints and a nice pattern of coherence.