Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wave or Particle in Nemetics

 I'd never really considered nshapes as voids between ntubes. My nshapes were always in the tubes: infopackets "

Interesting point that got me thinking. My take as of today is that it goes to whether one looks complexity as waves or particles.  In the Sound Wave simulation Figure 1. is in waves. Figure 2 is precisely the same underlying complexity in particles. 

Figure 1.

Figure 2. 

In both images coherent patterns are nShapes. The rectangle merely points to corresponding areas of coherence. My view is that any area of coherence falls under the category of a nShape. So nemes, nStrings and nTubes all assume nShapes given a specific history and forces acting at the moment of observation. 

The wave view ( Figure 1. ) privileges the motion in a nField. Wave based patterns of energy.
The Particular view ( figure 2 ) enables looking down one level. Each ball represents a neme.  

The black areas in the particles view are similar to the light grey areas in the wave view. I think it's a useful distinction to call the Black areas an nTube nShape. The areas in which the nemes are aggregated into coherent patterns nString nShapes.

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