Sunday, February 24, 2013

RTE.2.24.3 Looking for Gwaves 3

A thank you to +Dibyendu De for his insight on RGBwaves as a different way to clarify complexity.  His blog is the best place to get the nemetical context of RTE ( Ripple Tank Experiments.)

Figure 1. Setup
Blue line indicates bounded nShape 

Figure 2




The point is it seems that in the context of a high viscosity boundary, R, G and Bwaves have very similar shapes. My conjecture is this emulates a situation when thoughts, behavior and events tend to be aligned. My further conjecture is the changes in viscosity of boundaries take us another step closer to defining Authentic Constraints...

Any thoughts out there?

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  1. I think high viscosity inhabits flow and movement. In this situation RGB waves behave similarly under this constraint.

    It might be interesting to observe what happens oscillators oscillate at the same freq but out of phase in high and low viscosity (i.e. R and B are out of phase. may be we start with one oscillator for R and B and then increase them to 2 or 3 each.