Thursday, February 28, 2013

RTE.2.28.1 Strange Attractors and/or nemiStrings

If you are interested in the Theory of Nemetics refer to 

Nemetical approach to Complex Adaptive Systems –
 interactions of Red, Green, Blue Waves by +Dibyendu De 

The following snapshots were taken at equal settings of B and R wave frequencies. Each state started from a blank canvas, although in the real world changes in frequencies occur when patterns are already extant.

Even with that it's interesting to note the differences in patterns based solely on difference in frequencies. Please note taking the snapshot at even very closely spaced times results in seeing different shapes. When the ripple tank is live patterns can be seen as as vibrating patterns.

Figure 1.
R and B wave frequencies set to high.

Figure 1 Adjusted
Same as figure 1 with color adjustment to see patterns more easily.

Figure 2.
B and Rwave set to medium

Figure 2 Color adjusted

Figure 3
B and Rwaves set to Low

Figure 3 Color Adjusted

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