Thursday, March 7, 2013

RTE.3.7 Upgrade List 1

If you are interested in the Theory of Nemetics refer to
Nemetical approach to Complex Adaptive Systems –
 interactions of Red, Green, Blue Waves

The Ripple Tank Simulator was designed to explore wave dynamics and physics. While that is fascinating, my interest is in modeling political economy, sociology and organizational dynamics. In the service of that repurpose, it would be good to have a feature that allows control of automatic movement of source points in arbitrary paths on the field.

Here's what I see.

Figure 1

The figure one setup can be a first approximation of an "organisation" or what we describe in nemetics as an nShape. The oscillator at the center is bounded by a wall and a membrane. Outside the wall we can call it the environment. 

At present it is easy to place up to twenty oscillators in the field. Figure 2 is an example of just one source point. 

Figure 2

The problem is that one or two or even twenty static position sources does not get close to the reality of the environment for a real organization. As of today one can move a point by hand. Cumbersome and not really helpful to do the kind of experimentation that is interesting.  

 Figure 3 gives a hint of what might be possible if one were able to control the movement of source points. It's much closer to what we need for more useful play.

Figure 3

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