Thursday, March 7, 2013


If you are interested in the Theory of Nemetics refer to
Nemetical approach to Complex Adaptive Systems –
 interactions of Red, Green, Blue Waves

Figure 1. The Setup
Note Non Fixed Edges
It seems that non fixed edges resolve to an oscillating field over time.  ( Earlier post )  So far it seems only the frequency settings above allow stable state non oscillating fields. 

The blue lines are arbitrarily drawn but do loosely follow patterns of wave interference. I think, but do not know that the precise shapes of the blue lines in these setups is not critical. 

In the metaphor I'm using here  the space between the blue lines are meant to emulate life spaces.  Going from left to right, childhood, coming of age, adulthood, retirement, and old age. My conjecture is it will be useful to see the spaces between the lines as Events.

Stable State reached by Figure 1 Setup

Figure 3 New Setup
A wall has been inserted in the far left blue line.
The wall might map to an event or life space that has been painful. It could be a traumatic event or merely a failure which one does not want to remember.

Figure 4
The pattern changes quickly with only the addition of one wall.
Figure 5
Figure 3 set up over time

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