Sunday, April 7, 2013

RTE 4.7 Loose and/or Tight Neme Exchange ( Communication )

In the comment thread in  a post about P&G ,  +Dibyendu De said 

 I think their system of ‘knowing the customer’ triggers innovation. The interesting thing to notice is the dialectics they are engaged in – the ‘loose-tight’ phenomenon as described by Tom Peters and Bob Waterman in their 1982 book, ‘In Search of Excellence’.
What is so admirable about them is their combination of impeccable operations (tight) with flexible innovation (loose) to bring out a formidable winner.

Which inspired the exploration below.

Tight nemes


Tight nemes followed by Loose nemes


Tight followed by loose followed by tight


Tight followed by Loose followed by Tight stabilizes at


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