Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RTE 4.9 Visualizing Complexity in 3D

Yesterday in the middle of a twitter conversation Nues Lorenzo in Barcelona tweeted:
@NewsNeus  Problem: how to transmit the third dimension in  education.
Traditionally, school has offered coherent learning: lists, facts  But now school should be an scenario for experimenting, discovering, contingency, connectivism, crosscurricular transversality
A similar problem of seeing in 3D is raised by +Dibyendu De in his work at The International Nemetics Institute.  I recommend a slow read of his description of his PLS3D approach at MOVING BETWEEN STATES OF AWARENESS..

Both the comments and Dibyende's work present a challenge for RTE research. My conjecture is we can start to solve the problem with various views of the same underlying complexity. As part of the research agenda we can develop a three plane model so we can clarify the patterns of "experimenting, discovering, contingency, connectivism, crosscurricular transversality"

                          Fig. 1 

                                     Fig. 2 View from Above

                                  Fig. 3 View from Below

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