Saturday, January 23, 2016

NJournal Notes 9.0 Power functions in Nemetic Notation

nP - situation of interest .
nP indicates a "NEME" in the nemetic code.NEME is an observable and therefore measurable quanta of information or energy. There are three flavors of Nemes: A Physical Neme, coded as physNeme or pNP. A cognitive Neme coded as cNP. An emotional NEME, coded as eNp.  The non human world can be described with cNp. It is the human world that includes the emoNeme ( eNp ) and the cogNeme ( cNp ). The presence of emotion and cognition is the reason human problems are always wicked. It is impossible to predict how someone will respond to a change in the environment. Every change in the environment sensitively affects how another person will respond. It is similarly impossible to predict how the other person responds. A "wicked problem" is unavoidable.


nX indicates an exchange of nemes.
The sender's message only has value if someone responds to that message. thus exchanges.

nSt indicates nSting a pattern of nemetic exchanges.
Our facebook thread  is a perfect example of persistent exchanges.

nTu indicates nTube the entwining of nStrings.
There have been many exchanges btwn the participants at the thread. Each one person to one person exchanges form a string. An nTu emerges when two nSt start to overlap. Over time more nSt are created with more people exchanging. Once an nTu starts to form it takes the friction out of Exchange. As the friction is removed Intent emerges. Once common Intent forms, a project can begin.

nPlx indicates a nemiPlex which is essentially the same as an  "assemblage"
As nTu increase a nPx is the site of complexity. The nPlx is the space in which individual parts in a nStr can be combined to create a new Neme. The new Neme can result in a feedback loop. The more Nemes emitted, the more nStrings will emerge, the more NTubes will form the more nPlx will emerge the more Nemes will be emitted.


Let @ indicate that one nPlx ( nemiPlex)  is nested inside another.

That allows us to say
 nP @nPlx1 @nPlx2 @nPlx3 @nPlx4 @nPlx5. . .@ nPlxn.

A power function indicates the presence of a Complex Adaptive System.

nSt = ( Summation of nP1 ...nPanTu =  ( Summation of nPlx 1...n )b
nPlx = ( Summation of nTu1. . .n)c 


  1. Cool. However, cNp or eNp may happen when two human beings interact. The number of possible outcomes is a power function which would be 2^x where x is the number of human beings interacting.

    1. Wonderful! I would say will happen, instead of may happen. EnP and CnP are always involved in human interactions. Unless one can See with no Mind.

      Does it also mean Feel without allowing feelings to turn into "Emotions" ?

    2. Right. "Will" instead of "may."

      "Feel without allowing feelings to turn into "Emotions" ?" -- Wow! Wonderful. That is the goal of yoga, meditation and mindfulness or nomind -- feel without letting inferior emotions interfere with what one is seeing -- which is nothing but "love" at its highest form.

    3. Since I am calculus illiterate, I need to ask you if there is a way to find a derivative and then a second derivate of the trend line that would come from mapping "nSt = ( Summation of nP1 ...nPn ) anTu = ( Summation of nPlx 1...n )b. Over time.

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