Monday, January 5, 2009

Agency of the Year: MediaVest :"We do what we say."

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What a novel idea! "Do what you say." It would probably work for most Printers.
"In ways large and small, the shop continued to be a step ahead in strategizing about change and exploiting it, in creating new solutions and finding new opportunities. All while doing the basic things just as well as its peers - cross-platform deals, for example - but finding a novel twist every time. As Lisa Donohue, president of MediaVest's new planning entity, Truth and Design, puts it, 'We do what we say.'

Here's just a sampler of how MediaVest's year unfolded:
>> In an industry first, the shop took over the Bon Appétit masthead for Starbucks in May, turning the whole page into a simulation of the coffee seller's colorful, wood-framed, handwritten chalkboard menus, including Bon Appétit staffers offering up their favorite Starbucks blends and food pairings.

>> The peripatetic agency became the first shop to partner with TRAnalytics to link TV ad effectiveness to sales by combining set-top box viewership data with demographics, psychographics and behavioral purchase information.

>> It was the first agency subscriber to NetMRI's fused print and Web site data, taking a vanguard position in the search for better understanding and measurement of the print-online readership relationship - and enabling the agency to profile MRI targets against 2,300 Web sites compared to 40 using MRI alone.

>> In 2008, connectivetissue reached a milestone: 5,000 minutes of content. And the division routinely creates or produces content for many different channels, working with activators and investors but also with the MediaVest shopper team, and its advanced TV unit (MediaVest is now the largest player in VOD in the United States, by the way).

>> It partnered with Google on a neuroscience online video overlay ad study.

>> And as winter's chill gripped the country, MediaVest became the first in the United States to deliver heated bus shelters (starting with 10 in Chicago, which could really use them) on behalf of Kraft's Stove Top Stuffing.

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