Friday, January 9, 2009

Watch out Textbooks!

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Amazon is trying to copy Apple’s stunning success with its elegant iPod and cheap and user-friendly music store. The Kindle is not there yet, but it is getting closer. This year, Amazon is redesigning it, and a student version is also expected, an attempt to snag part of the $5.5 billion annual United States college textbook market."

No doubt in a year or two we'll be reading how "no one could have predicted this." And then lots more blablabla about the "End of Print." Meanwhile, the real story will be the reorganization of the textbook industry.

My opinion is that sooner or later newspapers will use the long tail of their editors and printing plants and logistics to produce up to date content for college textbooks that will be delivered in Print and E-book. Either on the iPod, the kindle or a netbook turned 90 degrees. And if they include quizzes that can be output on local wireless printers in the classrooms, they will also roll over K-12 just for good measure.

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