Thursday, January 8, 2009

Printers: Zero to £10 million in three years

The interesting discussion at Print Ceo Blog continues. Yesterday, among many other things, Gareth Ward pointed to a story at The Print Business in the UK.
. . . there is a company here in the UK which is producing work that offers the quality of litho on inkjet presses built to its own specification (
It’s an eye-opening place.
When I clicked on the link I got to the story and found this,
. . . arguably the single most innovative printer in the UK; one that in the three years it has been in business has grown to a turnover of more than £10 million. And none of it comes from offset litho.
and this
That opportunity lay in volume personalised printing, and pushing into transpromo markets. Here the ability to handle huge amounts of data is vital, but a significant barrier was that the digital print engines available were not fast enough. Colour from cutsheet digital presses pointed to the possibility of quality colour. But those print engines that were fast enough were either black-only or could not produce acceptable-quality colour. Rivett’s response was to build his own.
Here's the link again,

Don't you just love it when disruptive innovations come from the print shop floor, not some multi-national global corporation? Go printers!

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